Special Assessment

After meeting wit the homeowners at the annual homeowners’ meeting on April 5th and again on May 17th, a vote was approved to authorize a one-time special assessment of $150 for each home within the association. Payment of this assessment is due by July 1, 2017.
The Association has a large unexpected repair that has become necessary on the common area. The unexpected repair in the common area is a slope failure that is taking place on the far east side of Via Valdarno. The moisture of this past winter and the fact that the area in question was not addressed appropriately in the past, before the homeowners took control of the association, has caused the slope to fail and slide into the backyards of some of the homeowners on Via Valdarno. While the association has been able to build a small reserve of funds, this project cannot be completed without a special assessment. This project is being undertaken to improve and maintain the common areas, services, and facilities of the Association and promote the recreation, health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Hidden Valley Subdivision as directed with the CC&Rs.
View the special assessment notice here

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