After signing the contract with you, we will start working within one business day. We’ll quickly get started with onboarding your property for marketing, maintenance, and leasing.
We strive to find high-quality residents as soon as possible. We do this through use of numerous marketing platforms, in order to quickly find a low-risk resident.
Residents are responsible for the application fee. We use this fee to gather data and determine the risk level of the applicant. No resident is free of risk, but our goal is to mitigate your risk as much as possible.
We use various practical strategies and tools to do this, including market data research and comparisons..We will re-evaluate the property’s performance weekly, and make recommendations on getting it rented quickly.
We have many payment options for residents: mail, office delivery, or online through a portal we supply to each resident. If residents aren’t able to make a payment on time, we will find a payment arrangement that works for all parties.
Yes! In your Management Packet, you will fill out a direct deposit form to ensure your rent payments successfully reach your bank account each month.
Yes. We conduct a thorough screening for each prospective resident. Our process covers many bases, including criminal history, credit reports, rental references, and employment verifications. We hold our residents to high standards and work to mitigate your risk as much as possible.
Before we can begin managing your property, we will need proof of your insurance. You’ll have to verify with your insurer that you can keep your current coverage.
Firstly, they’ll need to pass the applicant screening. If everything is in order, they will then pay the security deposit. We will send the lease documents for them to sign, and they’ll need to read through and agree to the terms. Once the home is ready, appropriate utilities will be put in their name, prorated rent will be paid, and they will receive an email to pick up the keys at our office to officially move-in.
The resident will need to give 30 days written notice to end the lease. They are to follow the Move Out Guidelines, which include tidying the property and having the carpets professionally cleaned. At move out, we will conduct a thorough inspection and coordinate any maintenance needed in order for the property to be rent-ready. We will charge the resident for any damages they caused through their security deposit, and mail them a statement.
We do move-in and move-out inspection reports with pictures. We also do multiple drive-by inspections to verify that the outside is being well-maintained. Oftentimes, the outside reflects the inside. If there are concerns, we will also do an inspection to try and catch problems as soon as possible. This ensures the property remains in superb condition.
When residents move in to the property, utilities will be transferred into their name.
We enforce lease terms strictly, including those regarding late/missed rent payments. Residents will have to quickly pay the rent after receiving notice of delayed payment.
We will repair all damage as soon as possible using our insured and professional partners. We have an efficient and cost-effective network of workers. If the resident is responsible for the damage, we will collect reimbursement for you.
Our web access portal allows you to view a vast number of reports. These include monthly statements for income and expenses, as well as any applicable invoices. You can also view your lease expiration and move in/move out dates.
Allowing pets isn't something you are obligated to do. Some owners believe allowing pets opens up a larger risk for damage. However, many households have pets, and allowing them brings more prospective residents. If you would like to allow pets in your unit, please speak to us about how to mitigate risk.
Smoking in a home is never acceptable. We do not allow smoking in any of our rental properties. If a resident breaks this rule, they will need to pay for any relevant damages, as well as a fee.
Not at all. Property management simply means that you can have more free time. We are here to manage your investment and take care of the grunt work. This means you don’t have to worry about your property being well-maintained, or have to deal with the day-to-day stresses of being a landlord.
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