Review of Security Deposit Statement

Five Star Property Management, LLC strives to ensure a fair refund and/or allocation of security deposits based on all available information regarding the condition of the property prior to move-in and after move-out. We recognize there may be situations where an outgoing resident has additional information that we initially did not take into account. The purpose of this final review is to make sure you have the opportunity to provide additional information if you are not satisfied with your security deposit statement. Once you respond in writing with the information requested below, our team will objectively review all information, solicit any additional information, and/or seek approval from the owner in making any appropriate adjustments. The process will follow these steps:

  1. Outgoing resident must respond to this email to submit of the Request for Final Review of Security Deposit within 15 days of receipt of security deposit statement.
  2. Our team will reassess the findings based on all available information, including all evidence resident presents.
  3. Within 10 days of the submission date, resident will be notified via e-mail of our findings along with any adjustments or explanations.
  4. If there are any adjustments to the security deposit statement based on the findings, resident will receive a Mutual Release Form (to be signed within 10 days) with their updated security deposit statement.
  5. After receipt of the signed mutual release form, any additional funds due to resident will be mailed by check within 5 days. If charges exceed the security deposit, a payment arrangement will be requested to be setup for amounts still owed or collection efforts will begin.

If you would like Five Star Property Management to conduct this review, please email the information below and respond to the information requested to

  • Date of Move out
  • Name of Tenants on Lease
  • Property Address
  • Current E-mail
  • Issues to be considered
  • Evidence
  • Suggested resolution

In your email, please label the three parts of your request (Issues to be considered, Evidence, and Suggested resolution) and state exactly what you are disputing regarding your security deposit statement, your evidence, and your suggested resolution. Be specific and provide any documentation that will support your issues. Examples may be an inventory and condition form, pictures, videos, or any other documents.
By sending this email, resident agrees to allow Five Star Property Management to review the evidence and concerns presented in the timeline noted above and make a final decision regarding the security deposit statement in question.

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