Residential Property Management Services

Residential Property Management

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Pocatello or Chubbuck?

If so, entrust your property to Five Star Property Management, LLC.

We are a full service property management firm based in Chubbuck, Idaho. This allows us to fully concentrate on your single-family property. Our attention is not split with real estate sales quotas, and we only direct our efforts on what we do best.

Narrowing our focus on Pocatello and Chubbuck means real familiarity and solid expertise in these areas. We know the demographics, marketing trends and rental rates in the neighborhood. This makes market analysis of your residential property easy. We can then devise various strategies to market and optimize returns for your Pocatello/Chubbuck property in Idaho.

Our clients can immediately reach us for assistance with marketing vacant units. If you have maintenance issues to resolve, we’re easy to contact. We make sure your property is excellently maintained, and immediately attend to your residents’ requests and complaints.

Call us today at 208-234-4447 or email us directly at We look forward to discussing how we can turn your Pocatello/ Chubbuck property into steady stream of income!

Five Star Property Management, LLC, Professional and Proven

Enjoy top of the line property management services for single-family homes when you work with us. We offer professional skills and proven expertise in the industry.
Feel free to check out the video below for an overview of our services:


Marketing of Your Rental Property

We are focused on results, and want our clients to make lucrative income from their investments. We are always up-to-date on the dynamic market conditions. We ride the market trends, advertising aggressively and effectively. 

We conduct in-person property showings, increasing applicant interest and reducing vacancies.


Applicant Screening Process

Five Star Property Management, LLC conducts extensive applicant screening. We want to confirm applicant’s identities, and establish trust through background checks. High-quality residents are the backbone of a successful rental property business.

We examine rental histories, credit reports and financial documents. This makes it easy to identify responsible applicants.


Rent Collection

We follow a firm and efficient rental collection system. In the case of late payments, we enforce additional fees. We also ask for adequate security deposits to protect your properties from damage.

In the rare instances where rent collection turns complicated, we always respond diplomatically. We make sure to protect everyone from unnecessary conflict.

Moreover, property owners will enjoy a prompt deposit of rent payments in their accounts via ACH wire transfers. This electronic method saves everybody’s time.


Property Repairs & Maintenance

Five Star coordinates all repairs and maintenance work with our trusted network of skilled, licensed contractors. We make sure to always keep your properties in superior shape with regular inspections. This helps prevent minor damages from turning into bigger and more expensive issues.

You can count on us to respond promptly when emergencies strike. We have contingency plans in place to minimize stress for both you and your residents.


Detailed Financial Reporting

We use technology to deliver convenience. We provide financial reports, monthly statements and valuable accounting services. You will be able to keep track of your bill payments, operational expenses and rental income. 

Our advanced software offers financial monitoring at the click of a button.

What Separates Five Star Property Management from the Others?

First is our local focus on Pocatello and Chubbuck. 

Aiming for familiarity and solid expertise, we focus on these areas to diligently study the market. In turn, we develop practical strategies to serve property owners in a knowledgeable fashion. 

Second is our degree of professionalism.

Our team is made up of professionals who are responsive, attentive and dedicated. We prioritize our clients’ needs. We get to know them, the details of their property and their goals as investors. We offer expert business support, working relentlessly while keeping your business  goals in mind.

We carry this sense of professionalism when dealing with residents, also. We make sure they’re heard, and interactions are always positive. We cultivate an environment of trust and represent our clients in a respectable way. 

Third is our simple fee structure.

We practice simplicity and use a straightforward fee structure. This means all charges are displayed upfront.

We use a simple calculation of rental income percentage. Essentially, we only earn when you also earn. We don’t ask for additional placement or renewal fees. Being our client means you can rest easy knowing we are fully accountable for the success of your property. 

Fourth is our proven and time-tested methods.

We are a results-driven company. We are excellent marketers, making use of advanced technology to fill your rental home. Our reliable network of quality contractors and service providers helps keep your expenses down. Our accounting system is accurate, and our priority is resident retention to help you meet your financial business goals.

Areas We Serve

We serve Chubbuck, Pocatello, and Blackfoot.

Ready to Learn More?

We know that you deserve Five Star service when it comes to your rental. Please contact us today and find out why renters and investors choose Five Star Property Management.

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