Maintenance Issue

We work hard to provide our customers with high quality homes. We want you to enjoy living in a place where everything is functioning properly and well. If you are having an issue, read below for tips on how to quickly resolve it or help us learn more about the problem. This will allow us to dispatch a maintenance vendor as quickly as possible. 

Washer/ Dryer

  • Was the washer/dryer provided when you moved in?
  • Does the washer/ dryer make the same noises when run on an empty cycle?
    • It may be an uneven load of clothing causing the noise
  • Have you verified that the washer is leaking or is the water coming from something near the washer? (Like a drain or a valve)


  • Is the dishwasher leaking and causing damage?
  • Is it only leaking when the dishwasher is running?
  • Where is the water leaking from?


  • Have you checked the breakers/GFCI?
  • Is it the actual stovetop not working or the oven or both?
  • If gas, is the gas turned on?


  • Have you checked the breakers/GFCI?
  • Is it the fridge or is it the electrical outlet it’s plugged into?
  • Is there an issue with the freezer temperature, fridge temperature, or both?


  • Have you cleaned the filter located in the bottom of the dishwasher?
  • Have you been using a rinse aid to help with hard water buildup?
  • Have you tried running the washing cycle on an empty load with a cleaning agent?

Clogged Drains

  • Are any other drains clogged?
  • If a drain is backing up, try not to use other drains until solved
  • We are happy to send someone out, but this cost may be charged to you if the blockage is by something (like hair) that is blocking the pipe
  • You can try to use a Zip-it or a plunger, but please do not use Drain-o.

  • Verify your home has A/C. You will find a cube-shaped condenser unit on the outside of your home.
  • Have you changed the furnace filter in the last 30 days?
  • Have you checked the breakers and the on/off switch (usually looks like a light switch that isn’t on the wall) near the furnace?
  • What do you currently have the temperature set to? Anything below 70° can freeze up the A/C although sometimes it can be even lower, we recommend not setting below 72°
  • Can you check the line running into the A/C condenser (outside or next to the furnace) and see it is frozen over or has visible frost?
    • If yes, you will need to turn the thermostat off for 24 hours to thaw

It is important that all electrical items are working as they should. However, a lot of times a breaker or GFCI just needs to be fixed.


  • Have you checked the breakers?
  • Have you checked that the bulb or bulbs aren’t burned out and need to be replaced?


  • Have you checked the breakers?
  • If it is an electric zonal heater, do you have any furniture close to the heater?  This will cause the heater to overheat and shut down.
    1. If yes, may need to hit the reset button. It is red/orange and usually behind the cover.

No Power

  • Do you have any power in the property or none at all? Are the lights out but the fridge is on?
  • Have you checked the breakers? Sometimes, it can be located on the exterior of the home and there is also the main breaker attached to the electric meter.
  • Call Idaho power if no breakers are tripped and you still don’t have any power.


  • Have you checked the breakers? 
  • Have you tried plugging other items into that outlet?
  • Have you tried pressing the Reset button on the GFCI outlets found in adjoining rooms?


  • Forced Air Furnace (Not baseboard or cadet heaters- see electrical section)
    • Have you changed the furnace filter in the last 30 days?
    • Have you checked the filter after the issue started?
    • Have you checked the breakers or on/off switch near the furnace?

Garage Doors

  • Have you checked the batteries in your remote?
  • Is there power to your garage?
  • Have the sensors near the doors been misaligned or dirty? When it is not aligned, both lights will be red/orange. The sensors need realigned.
  • Have the sensors near the doors gotten dirty or have spider webs? When it is not aligned, both lights will be red/orange. Clean the sensors cautiously so as not to misalign them.
  • If you pull the cable that hangs from the main system, it will disconnect and the door should open/close manually. Be cautious when doing this if the door is stuck open. It could cause the door to slam down to the ground when not secured.

Garbage Disposal 

  • Did anything fall down into the disposal? 
  • Have you checked that the disposal is still plugged in?
  • Have you checked the breakers and any GFCI outlets? There may be 4+ GFCI outlets in your kitchen.
  • Have you tried pressing the reset button on the bottom of the disposal? It will be orange/red. Push this after you think you have cleared the obstruction.
  • Have you tried using an Allen wrench to turn the motor shaft (located on bottom near reset button) to dislodge the obstruction?
    • Use the wrench to manually turn the disposer’s motor shaft first counterclockwise, then clockwise until the obstruction is dislodged and the motor shaft spins freely.

Leaks – Exterior


  • Has it rained recently?
  • Is the water still leaking? Please catch it in a container
  • What type of roof is it?
    • Gravel (will be on a flat roof)
    • Shingle (most common)
    • Metal

Sprinkler System

  • Won’t Shut off
    • If you have access to the controller box mounted on the wall, turn to ‘Off’
  • Sprinkler broken
    • Is it shooting water straight up?
    • Is it not moving or spraying as intended?
    • Are there any pools of water or soft mushy areas in the yard?
  • Dry Spots
    • Are we in the 1 month peak heat season of the summer? In an effort to conserve water, there may be dry spots during this month but it will green back up after the peak.

Leaks – Interior

Please always let us know about any water issues happening at the property so a small issue doesn’t turn into a large one.

  • Where is the water coming from?
    • What level of the house are you on?
    • Are there any appliances or plumbing fixtures upstairs that could be leaking through the ceiling? 
  • Leaking faucets or pipes
    • What is leaking? Is it a faucet or actual pipes under the sink or somewhere else?
    • Is it an active leak or only leaking when the faucet is turned on?
    • Is it causing damage?
    • Can you turn off the valves / main turn-off to stop the leak? (the main is usually in a utility closet or behind an access panel in a wall closest to the street)
    • Toilets have a turn off valve close to the wall or floor connected to the tank
    • Sinks have turn-off valves for both the hot and cold water typically under the sink in the cabinet.

Water Heaters

  • If electric, have you checked the breakers?
  • If gas, is the gas turned on?
  • Are you getting some hot water or none at all?
    • Is this the case at all the faucets?

Thank you for reviewing these maintenance tips. If you are still experiencing a problem, we want to help quickly resolve your issue and gain information so we can call out the appropriate vendor. Please log into your in your Resident Web Access to submit a Service Issue. Make sure to include the following:

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