Welcome to the Trail Creek Estates Homeowners’ Association! Trail Creek Estates is a great place to live and the association is excited to have you as member.
The association recently completed the necessary steps to become an active homeowners’ association. The HOA is directed by a board of directors. As the board, we are charged with the task of maintaining the property of the association and enforcing the CC&Rs. In order to accomplish these responsibilities, the board recently hired Five Star Property Management to manage the day-to-day operations of the association. Additionally, to maintain our community standards, the board requires that Five Star Property Manager be the only authorized property manager for any rental properties within the community.

In order to cover the expenses for the common areas within the community, the HOA will need to collect minimal dues. Attached is the recorded notice of the annual dues and additional fees. A
payment coupon for the next annual dues is also attached. Please mail or drop off your payments and/or correspondence to 158 S Main St in Pocatello, ID. Information regarding the association can be found on the Trail Creek Estates Homeowners’ Association page on Five Star’s website. In order to better sever this community, Five Star Property Management would like to have the
phone numbers, email addresses, and preferred mailing address for each homeowner. Once they have your information on file, they will be able to active your online account. Through your Resident Web Access you will be able to make payments and submit community issues. Make sure to contact them with any future questions you may have regarding the association or the common areas.

We appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in the future.

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