Usage & Ownership of Sheds & RV Parking

Since last summer, the board has had many questions regarding the topic of the storage sheds and RV parking maintained by the association. Some homeowners that are selling their homes and renting a storage shed or RV space, have advertised these amenities as being included in the sale. Through some research with local title companies, the board has confirmed that these amenities are the legal property of the association and can not be included in the sale of the individual units.
In an effort to accommodate all homeowners, the board has implemented the following rules regarding the storage sheds and RV parking spaces. When a home sales, the new owner of a unit where the previous owner has rented storage unit(s) and/or RV parking space(s) will have first right of refusal on the shed or space the previous owner was renting. If the new owner does not want to continue to rent the shed/space, all owners within the association will be notified that one is available and it will be put up for a lottery.
Hopefully this clears up any confusion. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact the office.

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