Meeting Minutes of the Annual HOA Meeting

May 15, 2019

Thanks to all that attended the annual HOA meeting for their input, discussion and budget approval vote. For all who were unable to attend here is a brief review.

Agenda Items discussed:

Last year’s Budget: We kept within our 2018 budget and had a net gain of approx. $600. We also approved the amount the HOA spent between Jan1 and March 31 2019 and we will now be operating on a fiscal year budget starting April 1 2019 thru March 31 2020. The intent of this motion was to keep the annual meeting in the first part of May so most of our members who winter in the sun can be with us to approve the budget, prior to spending 4 months of it. It also keeps the winter snow removal budget contained to 1 season, rather than in 2 parts.

Common Area Review and Golf Course Access: We had maps to show were the common areas are and asked all member to respect the private lawns of other members. We also reviewed the approved golf cart access to the course that is either through the maintenance road or to the north of 3310 Duckhook. Please keep as close to the water retention area until you come to the property marker then follow the tracks toward hole 18. Contact Alan to view the maps.

Pet Policy Reminder: Please keep all pets on a leash, including cats when off your property and carry a bag to clean up their waste. Dogs may not be allowed to be a nuisance by barking excessively. Railings approved by the HOA board are intended to add security and décor to your homes and to ensure your indoor pet’s waste is contained to your property; it is not within HOA rules to allow outside pets. All lawn care inside the railed area is your responsibility and must be kept mowed and trimmed like the surrounding area. Any animal waste in these areas must be cleaned up on a regular basis and should not be allowed to pile up where neighbors can see or smell it. Dogs are not allowed on the golf course during the golf season.

Sprinkler System Update: The major leak in the main line (under the retention pond near 3310 Duckhook) has been repaired. As you enter the subdivision (near the new foundation) we are moving our pipes. Our sprinkler system was not installed on our property, but we are working with Dave Bickley to correct the situation and look forward to blending the neighborhoods together. Repairs will be needed on the pipes that cross under Featherie also.

New Sub-Division: The new subdivision is progressing and will consist of 4 twin homes and 7 single homes. Dave Bickley is the owner/builder and we will work together to contract our lawn care and snow removal with the same contractors to help us both get bulk rates and improve the continuity of our neighborhood. The homes will not have stucco walls but will use the more high quality siding used on newer homes in the Satterfield area.

Snow Removal: Last year was a very difficult winter on our snow removal costs. Our current guideline is to have snow removed when we get 2 inches of snow or more. The removal rate is $500 for 2” to 7” and $750 if the snow is over 7 inches. We are  trying to come up with a system for those that wish to have their walks shoveled when it snows less than 2 inches at a small additional cost to those individuals. Many members are willing to help their neighbors out also.

Round-about and Entrance to the Neighborhood: The concrete on the round-about is starting to deteriorate. Some of the damage was done by the city snowplow but a lot is also normal for concrete in our climate. The city will try to not plow on it but the HOA has agreed to do all improvement within the round-about rather than simply have a paved circle. Most members suggested we build some reserve funds should we vote to improve it in the next few years. We will also work with Dave Bickley to keep the entrance to neighborhood looking good as he improves that property. He has discussed possibly putting in a waterfall near the entrance.

New Budget: The members approved a budget of $82,665 that will now cover HOA costs from April 1 to March 31. (see attached copy). Though line items are not set in stone they are a guideline for the Board of Directors and Five Star Property Management to follow, it closely follows what we spent last year with increases for snow removal, an extra crab grass treatment and an attempt to put about $6000 in our reserve account. Our current reserve account varies during the year as per our expenses but has not dropped below $13,000. This money includes the $5000 we received from Kert Howard to install street lights on Duckhook and we intend to install them this year.

New Assessment: The new assessment starting in July, 2019 will be $150 for twin homes and $225 for single homes. The appropriate assessment discount amount on singles homes was discussed and members agreed that single homes will pay a full assessment on their first lot and 50% on their second lot, consistent with past practice.

Board Elections: Elections were held and your current board members are:

Amanda Hancock
Matthew Steward
Alan Farnsworth        208-705-7911

The board has also been tasked with simplifying our By-laws to be approved and voted on next year. The direction we were given was to have members responsible for all repairs to their homes and eliminate the repairs portion of our budget (see attached copy) and look into the possibility of single homes watering their lawns with their homes water rather than thru the association’s sprinkler system (receiving a reduction of their dues) if it would benefit both the home owners and the HOA.

We will also be updating our HOA member email list and hope to schedule a neighborhood BBQ again this summer.

On behalf of the board members and Fire Star, thanks for making this a great place to live.

2018 Profit and Loss
2019-2020 Projected Budget

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