Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the meeting. For those who were not able to make it. See below for links to the 2019 Profit & Loss and for the future 2020 Budget. There are also some informal notes about the topics discussed.

2019 Profit & Loss
2020 Projected Budget

  • Reviewed the Profit & Loss line by line
    • Association Fees expense was higher than normal because the annual dues to Olympus heights were billed in January 2019 and December 2019. So next year it will even out.
    • Lawn Mowing/Trimming and Landscaping are the same item types and should be viewed as a grouping.
    • Tree Trimming/Removal was a one time expense and we don’t expect it to be there next year.
    • While the bottom line says the HOA was negative for the year, that is not an accurate representation. We removed trees because we had the savings in the bank to do so. the Olympus Heights association fee was also in the same fiscal year. If those two charges are taken out, the HOA is actually positive $351.32.
  • Reviewed the future budget
    • Owners commented that they are happy with lawn service (the company is B&S).
    • That they would like to see the fertilization change to Nitro-Green. Five Star to get bids so the board can decide the course of action.
    • If owners see HOA issues, please email Five Star as soon as possible so they can address it.
    • Owners discussed the snow removal, but understood because it is a small HOA, they may not get much better results from another company.
  • Open Forum
    • Owners expressed concern about weed control this summer. Five Star to look at other company options.
    • Owners also brought up an issue with grubs between some units – will take a look this spring.
    • If any experior updates are done, they need to be requested in writing and approved first. It is important that the exterior is consistent. This would include exterior light fixtures, tree rings/curbing, etc.
    • Renters are not included in the HOA since they do not own the unit. However, they can be included in whatever activities the owners would like to invite them to. They will not be able to vote for board members and they do not receive communication sent to owners from the association.
    • New owners do receive a welcome letter from Five Star once the deed is received from the title company.
  • Voting
    • Pete Black was nominated and accepted the nomination
    • Pete Black was unanimously voted in as board member
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