Annual Meeting and Collection Fee Changes

We will be holding the annual owner meeting Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at 1:00 PM at 544 Top Notch Cir. You will also be receiving notice via mail. We will be presenting and discussing the past and current state of the association as well and presenting the future budget. If you have specific items you would like discussed at the meeting, please email contactus@rentfivestar.com by October 16th so it can be added to the agenda.
In an effort to help with collecting monthly dues on time, late fees and additional fees beginning October 1, 2018 have been amended to the CC&Rs:

  • Transfer fee of $100 is to be collected at any transfer of a deed
  • 15 day grace period has been established
  • Late fee of $20 plus 1.5% of the balance is enacted
  • Lien filing fee of $100 to be charge if a lien has to be filed
  • Collection fee of 50% of the balance will be added to the account if a delinquent account has to be sent to collections

Click here to see the official Notice of Meeting and Notice of Collection Fee Changes

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